Try this fantastic games genres mix with new Match-3 mechanic and RPG in Cartoon bearded style!

Take the mightiest warriors for the match-3 battle, evolve them and open up a vail of your destiny.
Discover a lot of miniclip, watch funny videos and enjoy sugar music.
Find pocket monsters, ( pokemon ) in Forgotten Lands and catch them with a chain. 
Search underworld RPG, Quest and defeat caterpillar guardian.
Your citadel will grow in the future as Beardmen, civilization.

Equip your own battleship to get into the survivor sprint and Piratebay where you can meet the twilight and catch a plenty of fish with three in line warriors.
Spin the wheel of fortune at your home castle to earn money and boosts.

- Play On-line multyplayer PvP, Arena RPG Puzzle battle,
- Take part in big match-3, Mapquest, in puzzle-adventure 
- Use Forge that will ascension level and experience of all of your warriors and Heroes
- Design your own puzzle of google combination of Beardmen's Abilities
- You can get to your ally brave RPG heroes and empire vikings warriors or pop animals like wolf, snake, huge bear or even pet rabbit.
- Win and enslave all the Bosses, using match three
- Try the list of target RPG Arm's and Ammunition's 
- Run the greatest match-3, map quest to meet new warriors face and walking dead zombie or target epic monster boss.
- Take your Pet's to fight and they can help you in future Target Raid
- Find all dublones in Seafight three in line puzzlequest!
- And be careful Piratebay on your Sea way
- Have fun with your friend in deep Social game aspect
- Safe for kids: no porn
- Enjoy Live Streaming Music Soundtrack

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